Keeping the vision is all about staying focused on your goals in life and staying encouraged. It is very easy to get distracted in life with all of the challenges we can face sometimes. That is why it is so important to keep your vision in front of you and pursue it with all you've got! God has a plan for each of us and it is so important that we ASK him what that plan is and stay on course. It is okay if we slip sometimes on this path because that is what the Blood of Jesus has accomplished. When we fail just plead that Blood and keep pressing towards that vision. In my page I will discuss topics such as relationships, spiritual matters, fun things, and so much more. Just check it out!

"Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God], the people perish; but he who keeps the law [of God, which includes that of man]--blessed (happy, fortunate, and enviable) is he." Proverbs 29:18

Monday, February 16, 2015


"O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever." --Psalms 107:1

Many times it's so hard to feel thankful for where we are in life.  It's so easy to look at what we do not have.  So many times we feel stressed out, overworked, underpaid, unnoticed. We feel like we need more money, more notoriety or recognition for the things we've done. Our house isn't big enough, our job isn't good enough, we don't like our bodies, or we just feel displeased with our lives in general.   Its easy to focus on ourselves, while not realizing that many people may have it worse than we do.  We have to realize that this life that we have is not only a gift from God, but a gift to others.  Our lives are not really all about us.  They are about other people.  That is what Jesus gave us an example of during his time here.  Sure, life can be discouraging at times, but if we give up there is no telling what gift we are depriving the world of.  Is it our laughter? A witty invention? Our peaceful demeanor?  The world needs it.  Do not let a spirit of ungratefulness and selfishness derail you from God's purpose for your life.

We have to develop a mindset of thankfulness.  One of the reasons that we get so down about where we are, is because we take the little things for granted because we are always focusing on the big picture. We forget the fact that we woke up this morning, or we can breathe easily, or that we were not in a car accident, etc...  Sometimes we forget how great we actually have it.  Even though there are things that we all want to accomplish in life, there are still many great things that we have already obtained. We should be able to point out something to be grateful for at all times.  Even if it's something small.

 Another thief of joy and enemy of thankfulness is comparison.  We compare our jobs, our homes, our cars, our bodies, and so on...  Why is that?  Is there a standard for what success really is?  Some people would love that small car you have.  Someone without a house would rejoice for that "modest" home in which you live.  Those are blessings!

Having a grateful attitude is a gateway to a blessed life.  Do not ever discredit the "small" blessings you have received, looking at the "big" things that someone else has.  You don't know what they did to obtain those things they have anyway.  What if it was by illegal means?  You never know.  Never look down on yourself or where you are in life either.  God can use where you are to be a testimony for others to overcome one day.  He causes even our mistakes to prosper.  I encourage you to make a list of all of the things God does in your life this week, big and small and then sit back and be GRATEFUL for all that he has done.  We are so very lucky BLESSED!

Here is how Webster defines thankfulness.  Great illustration!

Thankful: Glad that something has happened, that something or someone exists, etc.
:of, relating to, or expressing thanks.
1: conscious of benefit received <for what we are about to receive make us truly thankful>
2: expressive of thanks <thankful service>
3: well pleased: glad <was thankful that it didn't rain>

Grateful: Feeling or showing thanks: feeling or showing thanks to someone for some helpful act.


  • We are thankful that someone else was footing the bill for the lavish wedding banquet
  • I am thankful for all your help
Synonyms: Blissful, delighted, gratified, happy, joyous, joyful, pleased, satisfied, glad, tickled